The very basic guide to getting radio airplay!

17th November 2012 by Emma Scott

My book on getting radio airplay has been out nearly two years now and the follow ups will be coming soon! In a very small nutshell, here are the basic do’s and don’ts on getting radio airplay:


Start locally

Your research on stations, shows and DJ’s

Listen to the shows beforehand.

Ask the DJ’s how they’d like to receive material.

Send a small biog and links and contact details

Mark up your CD and the sleeve in case they are separated.

Spread the word on your plays if you pick any up

Send your most radio friendly and best song.

If sending an MP3 make sure it’s marked up with band name and song title and put info in body of the email too.

Be patient


 Send rubbish recordings

Send an album unless requested

Send really long tracks

Send songs with expletives in without a warning

Get your friends to hassle the DJ

Think a plugger will guarantee you get airplay

Get the DJ’s name or address wrong

Forget to put the correct postage on the jiffy bag if sending a package

Assume you’ll get played

You can buy “Break Your Band – A Guide to Getting Radio Airplayhere.

Good luck;-