If it was My Band…

The new book from Emma Scott will help any musician of any genre climb the music industry ladder – and fast! It’s an easy to read book covering subjects like:

Starting out
Getting Gigs
Building a Buzz
Managing the Band
Making music your full time job

Plus there’s a checklist to success, great illustrations and all the insider information you need to get ahead in this game called “the music industry”. Not only will the book help you get to the next level, it will save you money too – by advising you what NOT to waste your well-earned money on. There are so many pitfalls in this industry – don’t wreck your chance of making it before you’ve read about them and arm yourself with the information in this ‘bible” for anyone trying to make music their full time job.  You can buy the book here:

If it was my band  - cover smaller


A Guide To Getting Radio Airplay

This book WILL get you radio airplay!

Recent reviews and quotes from bands and artists who have read the book:

“Break Your Band is the Holy Grail for bands!! It’s a manual for all bands who are serious about getting where they are going! I’m not going to give away her secrets, you need to buy the book and you know what? It really is worth the money! I found myself able to easily ingest the information I needed and was gratified to see that I was doing things almost right, but even after 20 years in this game, I learned a trick or two! If I were you, I’d get a copy as I know mine is now a working manual!” Jim Distortion – musician, radio presenter and record label owner.

“A book packed with honest and important information that no ambitious band should be without!” Bob Butfoy – Jack Rabbit Slim.

“We really enjoyed the Break Your Band book and have no hesitation in recommending it to our users.” Della Wright – Midlands Music Maniacs.

“Hi Emma, Just wanted to say I read your book and found it really helpful. The band have had local radio airplay, but your book has given me an idea of how to campaign our next e.p. and get it out there! Thanks again for your brilliant book and thank you for being one of the few people that are out there trying to do as much as possible to help unsigned bands!” Tom Campbell -The Fontana Instincts.

We really enjoyed the book, very informative and interesting – Sam and Penny, Rock & Rose webzine.

“I read your book last night, extremely well written and ticks all boxes! Essential to any band out there!” Stu, The Whiskey Syndicate.

It does exactly what it says on the cover! Your band WILL get airplay and will get heard!

Available now, available here!

Also available via Amazon!

Emma Scott is currently writing the follow up to this book on getting gigs and getting ahead in the music industry.  After that, she’ll unleash her next book on getting into the radio industry. Keep an eye out!