Q and A with BullitStorm

2nd January 2013 by Emma Scott

Interview with John Tolley from the band. They play on Jan 12th at the O2 for us!

Band History and info on the members: (ok so i “john JT tolley” will be doing the interview on behalf of the band!!)

Me and one of my best and longest mates James “Jimi” Dicandia have been playing music together in different projects for years now in hope of getting signed up but as yet no such luck but that wont stop us rocking out in hope of one day getting it to happen!!! The most recent incarnation of the band has been playing together since april 2012. The band was founded by bassist Jimi and drummer JT in late 2011 after playing together for 10 years and going through many line-up changes the lads wanted to go in a different direction an recruited the raw “POWER” of Graham Benton-Cox on vocals an later the talented Glenn Yates on guitar!!

And thats how BullitStorm was born!

Line-up since august 2012:
Jimi Yakuza – Bass & Backing Vocals
John “J.T” Richards – Drums & Backing Vocals
Glenn Yates – Lead ‘n’ Rythum Guitars
Graham Benton cox – Vocals & Acoustic guitars

Describe your sound: BullitStorm are a hard rock / metal band that like to mostly use catchy riffs an melodies with pounding beats an loud in your face vocals to create a unique sound…….. with elements of grunge an punk an sometimes the band like to use progression in there songs an at times will slow there sound down with the intention of creating a more chilled out rock ballad sound. We are trying to fuse the old school rock n roll style of bands like AC/DC – Guns n Goses – Alice in Chains and KISS with the metal sounds of such bands as Black Sabbath – Black Label Society – Judas Preist – Metallica – Iron Maiden – and Papa roach!!

Hopes for the future? We hope to sooner or later get a deal or some sort of management to promote us an our music. We are currently in an out the studio whilst gigging recording our debut album “Out Of Exile” which should be complete an available for download and on sale at all our shows come mid 2013!!!!

What music are you into?


What can we expect from your live set?

Everything we have got and nothing less!!! We try and put on a show aswell as being good an consistent on our instruments!!!

What’s your website/facebook info?


Do you have any material to buy?Not as of yet no! But our album will be complete by April 2013 an released at our launch party hopfully an availble for digital download!!! You can listen to us on our facebook page an our reverb nation profile and we have recently had our music played on v6 radio an internet station so head over an vote for us an get us played more!!!

Why should people come and see you play live?

We are a very tight band first an foremost!! An its importnat to say me an jimi are still getting used to gra an glenn on stage but its fair to say we are improving with every show we play!!!! We are an honest band no gimmicks or special sound effects bull$#:t we just play an try to rock an hope the fans rock with us!!!! Think of an heavy ac/dc an guns n roses having a baby with black label society an papa roach an you sort of get us!!!! lol

What is the best gig you’ve ever played? The Slade Rooms Wolverhampton supporting Bonafide!!!!

If you could play with any one in the world, alive or dead for one night only, who would it be? For me it would have to be either Ac/dc or ozzy osbourne an jake.e.lee an slash tbh!!! jimi would love to play with dave grohl or mike patton or layne stayley an the sex pistols!! graham would love to play with jimi hendrix an the rolling stones!

An glenn would have to pick adrian smith from iron maiden!!!