You got the gig: You messed it up.

12th July 2013 by Emma Scott

Sorry if that title comes across as a little negative, but I am here to assist, really I am;-) I’ve been putting on gigs since 2005 and I’m sure you can imagine, I’ve dealt with hundreds of bands over the … More

Shift your ticket allocation, every time!

13th December 2012 by admin

Don’t panic when a promoter or venue asks you to take an allocation of tickets for your gig. It’s actually not as hard as you may think and if each band on the bill follows these tips, every gig you … More

The very basic guide to getting radio airplay!

17th November 2012 by Emma Scott

My book on getting radio airplay has been out nearly two years now and the follow ups will be coming soon! In a very small nutshell, here are the basic do’s and don’ts on getting radio airplay: Do Start locally … More

Get more people to your gigs!

8th October 2012 by Emma Scott

Bands ask us all the time for tips on getting people to their gigs, so here’s a few tips on the subject: Once you have booked a gig:  Tell everyone!  Announce on all of your social media sites. If you’re … More

Emma’s top 5 tips for bands

24th July 2012 by Emma Scott

Emma Scott’s Top 5 tips for bands 1)  From the very start you need to ask yourselves – Are all the members pulling in the same direction?  Do you all want the same thing?  Make sure you’re all reading from … More

Gig application emails – the do’s and don’ts

6th July 2012 by Emma Scott

If you’ve applied for a gig but you didn’t get a reply from the promoter, it doesn’t mean they don’t like you – it may mean they don’t have anything suitable at the moment.  It may also mean that your … More

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Why don’t you ever get rebooked for gigs?

5th June 2012 by Emma Scott

Once you have found a venue and a promoter you like working with, it makes sense to carry on gigging there and working with that promoter. Do you find you’re not getting asked to play again though? I’ll run through … More

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Working with promoters

28th April 2012 by Emma Scott

Here are some handy tips for bands who are booking gigs and dealing with promoters and venues!  Hope they help you. Before you book any gig, make sure you know which dates each band member can do – and more … More

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Welcome to the music business.

24th April 2012 by Emma Scott

I feel I have to sit down and blog for a bit to try and get a few things out there regarding this wonderful world of the music industry. There, I’ve said it.  Music industry. Music Business. Not Music ‘muck-about’ … More

Get more radio airplay

17th April 2012 by Emma Scott

I’ve just spent the past 15 minutes listening to a track from a band who sent me an MP3 and I liked it, BUT I won’t be playing it on the radio.  Why? Because I have no idea who they … More

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