Q and A with Effigy

11th December 2012 by Emma Scott

  We caught up with Effigy to get the low-down! Q. So tell me a brief history of the band. A. We had been playing in bands together for many years, remained great friends staying in touch ever since. Jake (Guitar/Vocals) … More

Gig application emails – the do’s and don’ts

6th July 2012 by Emma Scott

If you’ve applied for a gig but you didn’t get a reply from the promoter, it doesn’t mean they don’t like you – it may mean they don’t have anything suitable at the moment.  It may also mean that your … More

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Why aren’t your band getting radio airplay?

31st May 2012 by Emma Scott

Bands fail to pick up the radio airplay they deserve because they make mistakes that are easily sorted – if they know how. Some bands and artists simply don’t know who to approach at radio stations and what to say … More

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