Q and A with Duchamp Pilot

2nd January 2013 by Emma Scott

DUCHAMP PILOT  – playing on Jan 19th at The Slade Rooms.

Band History: The band consists of Joe Pickering (vocals), Gaston Iungman (guitar), Joel Hanson (bass) and Theo Cuevas (drums) ).

Joe was the vocalist with the London based band Dr Hypnos and the Black Cats with whom he explored and developed as a composer/lyricist. Before Duchamp Pilot he polished his incredible vocals skills gigging with lots of underground bands.

Joel has been gigging in and around Leicester since he was 15 and has played in many bands such as Leicester blues/funk band the Smokestacks. Fellow musicians have described Joel’s bass playing style as creative and unique.

Theo has played drums since the age of 14 years and has toured extensively. His experience as a recording and live artist, his exuberance and innovative drumming method are key to the style and diversity found in  the music of Duchamp Pilot.

Gaston performed in several bands and played in several festivals including the Pukkelpop and Canadian Music Week. In 1998, Gaston became the Music Director, Composer and Producer of an Aerial Theatre Company.

Taking advantage of this former experience Duchamp Pilot has joined the dots to develop a unique live performance for their concerts, presenting a show with a giant OP-ART mobile suspending 13 dancers, 30 metres above the audience.

Duchamp Pilot performed in festivals in France, Spain, Holland, Brussels, Portugal,
Romania, Canada and the UK with and without the aerial show. The band has
played in front of audiences of over 40,000 people.

Describe your sound:

Duchamp Pilot’s sound ranges from guitar driven rock, melancholy circus pieces to grooving psychedelic. This fusion gives their debut EP
“Muare” a fresh unique sound with catchy hooks and up-lifting melodies.

Highlights with the band so far?

10 days in Canada- playing the ‘JUST FOR Laughs’ festival, Montreal

Hopes for the future?

To break the band in the UK…….

 What music are you into?

Muse, Pink Floyd, Primus , Nina Simone and Chopin etc….

What can we expect from your live set?

An energetic performance with “strangely interesting stage personas”

What’s your website/facebook info?


Do you have any material to buy?

Yes promotional DVDs and EPs and ITUNES/Amazon

Why should people come and see you play live?

Because we’re pretty :P ……people should come and see us play live to see our musical interaction and have fun with us”

 Any upcoming releases?

Currently writing new material and planning to record our album around March/April  of this year

What is the best gig you’ve ever played?

2  day Festival finale in  Stockholm next to the Royal Opera House and Opposite the Royal Palace

If you could play with any one in the world, alive or dead for one night only, who would it be?