Q and A with Elysium

26th December 2012 by Emma Scott

Band History and info on the members:

Elysium Is an Alternative/Groove/Metal Band, full of brutal, catchy riffs mixed with Power filled screams and clean vocals. This music is designed to inject adrenaline directly to the heart of everyone who listens! It’s all about the music!

Formed in 2010, the band originally only had four members. Vocalist Phil Steele brought together Pete Holmes on drums and Dan Kenny on lead guitar and his older brother Simon Steele on rythm guitar to form what would become Elysium. The begining was promising, but the band agreed that more melodics were needed. A month later, Warren Trueman was brought on board to be the second vocalist specialising in melodics. The first success for the band was their ability to play together and co-ordinate their efforts to produce a good musical sound with their first practice sessions where there 1st song was wrote. However, the music was still lacking in some “oomph”. Toby Julien was finally enrolled into the band as bassist and in doing so with a final debate, the name was chosen by a unanemous vote and Elysium was born.

The first music produced was a basic but a strong starting point for the group. The first song “All My Hate” was originally written by Simon a number of years ago when he was 16. A simple catchy riff was made for the song, the dust was blown from the lyric sheet, and the song was deemed the first proper creation by Elysuim. The song “Slave” was a joint creation between Pete and Warren with Pete writing the music and Warren penning the lyrics. The lyrics themselves were divided up evenly between Warren and Phil, with the song “Denied” being the focal point for splitting up the lyrics between the two vocalists. This is also collectivly one of the bands favorite songs. The first cover song by the band “Denied”, was originally created by the band “Sonic Syndicate”. Elysium brought most of their original influence from this band and has since been a huge channeling point for the music.
A year later, and the band recorded their first demo, consisting of their main songs. Denied, Heart of Stone, Slave and Day of Destruction

Dan Kenny: Guitar

Pete Holmes: Drummer

Warren Trueman: Melodic Vocals

Toby Julien: Bass

Phil Steele: Harsh Vocals

Sy Steele: Guitar

Describe your soundWe have trouble relating ourselves to any particular style as elements of all our influential bands can be heard. Our vocalist is always being told he has a similar voice to SOAD front man. We just like to create catchy/addictive music. Its somewhere around Groove/stompMetal.

Highlights with the band so far? This is the first of three biggest highlights for us. As well as we’ve just made the shortlist for the first round of bloodstock metal to the masses competition, so we hope to make some progress with that as Bloodstock is a very nice festival for some of our band.

Hopes for the future? We’ve just booked recording time in to record an EP as well as making the short list for metal to the masses to play Bloodstock 2013, so we hope all of those will come together nicely to start making serious progress with this band

What music are you into?All 6 of us have such a wide variety of tastes in music that I think we cover every genre of music from folk metal to doom metal, industrial, dub step, classical.

What can we expect from your live set? 

Expect a lot of energy and some very catchy songs, We love getting the audience involved. If we’re having fun then we will carry that to the audience as well and we will then feed off energy, we don’t like to disapoint.

What’s your website/facebook info? https://www.facebook.com/Elysium10 http://st33l5.wix.com/elysium

Do you have any material to buy? We don’t have any to buy but, we do have a our first demo to download for free.The links will be on the download section of our facebook page.

Why should people come and see you play live? Because we like to have a lot of fun, when people come to see you play they want to enjoy themselves and we make sure that happens all the time no matter the size of the audience!

Do any of the band members have any weird habits? Nothing out of the usual, just the normal excessive drinking(dan), being annoyingly loud (warren), burying yourself in a flower pot to try and make yourself grow(toby), an unhealthy obsession with dubstep(pete), living  in the days of mods n rockers (phil) an addiction to World of Warcraft (Sy)

Any upcoming releases? We have just booked ourselves into the studio to start recording our EP, that will start in March and hopefully be ready for release before the summercurrently has no title but it will be awesome. It will be a big relief to us to have a decent capture of our sound.

What is the best gig you’ve ever played? Our best gig has to be at Scruffy Murphy’s earlier in the Year when we we’re supporting good friends Gethika. It had everything from the crowd singing, mosh-pits, head banging and crowd surfing. For us that raised the bar on how we perform on stage everyone had an amazing night and we went on into the late hours of the morning partying!

If you could play with any one in the world, alive or dead for one night only, who would it be? Either The Unguided, Rammstein, Machine Head or Black Sabbath