Emma’s top 5 tips for bands

24th July 2012 by Emma Scott

Emma Scott’s Top 5 tips for bands

1)  From the very start you need to ask yourselves – Are all the members pulling in the same direction?  Do you all want the same thing?  Make sure you’re all reading from the same sheet as they say, and this will help the band move forward, rather than having one member holding you back.

2)  Once you have your 3 best songs, get yourself booked into a studio to record them to a high standard.  Get the tracks mixed and mastered to stand a much better chance of getting radio airplay.

3)  Make the best press pack that you can and send to as many radio stations as possible!  Tell the recipient everything – and more - about your band and enclose a CD that plays!  (blank cd’s are not a good idea to send!) Make sure you label your CD as well as the CD inlay as they often get separated.  If the DJ can’t name the track as they’ve lost the CD cover, they won’t be able to play it!

4)  When applying for gigs or writing to DJ’s for radio airplay, treat your email or letter like a job application.  Your bands press pack is like your C.V – tell your “future employer” what qualifications you have (band history) tell them the highlights of your career (biggest gigs and decent support slots) and include references (quotes from other people in the industry who think your band is great!

5)  Remember, you’re in the music business, and you have to treat your band as your business.  You need to run the band as you would a proper business and delegate each member their “role” in the band.  Maybe one person is best at social media and administration, another is best at booking gigs, the drummer is best with finances and the singer is best at radio interviews.  Each must do their bit.

These 5 tips will start any band off nicely!  Oh, and that reminds me – be nice to people on the way up.  Manners cost nothing!

Good luck!

Emma x