Get more gigs and airplay!

5th April 2012 by Emma Scott

When applying for gigs or trying to get radio airplay, avoid emailing large song attachments unless they have been requested.

Promoters and radio presenters receive a lot of emails and if one band sends 4 MP3′s over in one email, this could crash their whole email system! Unless someone has requested an MP3, don’t send one.  Just send links for people to hear you – or send them to your Reverbnation or Facebook page.

If you want a presenter or promoter to hear your whole e.p., then send it to them via a You Send It link for example.  A lot easier on their inbox! Or ask for their postal address and send a physical copy. Some DJ’s prefer this, actually.

Basically, check before you send anything – by looking at the DJ or promoter Facebook or website page is a good start.  There’s usually instructions on how to get your music to them, and sometimes a ‘drop box’ –  If not – ask them.

Good luck!


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