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Beat Union, Science Versus Romance, Newbreed, Johnny Panic, Lights Action, I Spy Strangers, Lucid, Puressence, Model Radio, The Kamikazes, Fightstar, Lostalone, A Day Called Desire, Killing For Company.


Drive By Argument, Furthest Drive home, Templeton Pek, The Futureheads, Go: Audio, Electric City, Reluctant Heroes, Longview, 93millionmilesfromthesun, Exit Calm, Beat Union, Gundogs, Saving Aimee, Page 44, Lights Go Blue, Midterm Break, Little Man Tate, The Lines, Stone Gods, Them Is Me, The First Seven, Newbreed, Brigade, Nomad 67, Not Advised, Jackson United, The Culprit, Rebel City Radio, Outlaw, District 13, The Automatic, My Passion, The Razorbax.


Innerpartysystem, Middle Class Rut, My Passion, Alkaline Trio, The Audition, Broadway Calls, Hundred Reasons, Johnny Foreigner, This Burning Age, NOFX, Snuff, The Flatliners, Pour Habit, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Bouncing Souls.


The Lines, The Arcadian Kicks, Everett, The Company, This Burning Age, Rase, Paradoxic, Echo Empire, Envy of the State, Mudball, Follow the Fallen, The Stakeout, No Americana, Page 44, Patchwork Grace, Our Innocence Lost, All Thought Out, The Culprit, Che, Blak Can, Barrys Attic, The Razorbax, Fountain, Sam Moloney, Advantage, Sienna. Kyoto Drive, Reluctant Heroes, The Scholars, Blemish, At The Zoo, The Reason, Century Man, Of Kings and Captains, Mr Twist, Rhesus, The Identity Crisis, The Benwahs, Killing For Company, Third Bullet, Synopsis, Voodoo Johnson, Liberty Lies, Martyr De Mona, Age, From The Get Go, The Humour, Pick Your Weapon, Girls Love Ponies, Outspoken, My Great Affliction, Signify, Hope Order Truth, Bullitt, Jimmy The Fool, Rogue States, Circus Town, Silva: Code, The Limelight, Little Fish, King Hermit, Soldier, Jellybean Rebellion.


Every Inch a King, Pharmatronik, Obscure Pleasures, Dastards, Rhesus, Loutish Lover, Dirty Little Lies, The Reason, Fly by Nature, Jackpike, The Two n Eights, The Pargeters, This Wicked Tongue, The Whiskey Syndicate, Charlie Can’t Surf, Winter Storm, Hope Order Truth, Martyr de Mona, Synopsis, Aceldama, Divided We Fall, This Day Will Dawn, Abercion, Beyond Dreams of Grandeur, From the Get Go, The Midnight Club, False Pretence, Jet Pack, Sunset on Suburbia, On Screen Heroes, Just Morale, The Limelight, 4s a Crowd, This Elegant Choas, Follow The Fallen, Jericho, Captain Horizon, Elysium Shift, Killaflaw, Silver Souvineers, Elmo Sex Whistle, Of Kings and Captains, Katalina Kicks, One Million Suns, The 13 Club, Firelight, Romans, Third Angle Projection, Reluctant Heroes, Greenwood Park, Fountain Of Youth, Sam Moloney, Anti Social Misfits, Martyr de Mona, The New Saints, Twisted Species, Counterhold, Driven Overboard, Screwloose, Three Word Enemy, Someone Else, Colt 45, Disconnected, Killing For Company, Mudball, Of Kings and Captains, Give up the Ghost, Illicit Disco, Lub, Katalina Kicks, All Mankind, Agents of the City, New Killer Shoes, Turn off the Sun, The Jenkinsons, Project Ozma, Roz Bruce, Bury The Ladybird, The Musgraves, The 7 20′s, Redtrack, Cohere, Imogen’s Kiss, Vinny and the Curse, Last Gasp, The Kontours, The Joe Public, Spearmint 6, Mantis Defeats Jaguar, Valhalla Smith, Glass Guns, Go Primitive, The British Kicks, This Burning Age, Envy of the State, Lexicomane!, New Dawn, Wilcox, We Humans, Grace the Skies, Jon Windle, The One Twos, My Preserver, Crooked Dawn, Negative Brody, Loutish Lover, Rubbernek, Shebrew, Chasing Skylines, Everybody Looks Famous, Dethonator, Khaliq, Dakota Beats, Bloom, Sworn to Oath, Jester, King Hermit, Death by Disco, Sunset on Suburbia, Attica Rage, Cheap Thrill, Vains of Jenna, Sons of Beaches, Captain Horizon, October Sky, Johnny Normal, Silhouettes, 93millionmilesfromthesun,  Hostile, The Bronze Medal, Red Method, The Ki, A Poetic Yesterday, Tom Hingley, The Dirty Youth….


The Whiskey Syndicate, Grace the Skies, Shatter Effect, Zombie Xtras, Venom and Apathy, Guns for Girls, Arcade Parade, Fantastik 4, Your Best Enemy, Rebel City Radio, My Great Affliction, Viva la Revolution, Crossfire, Oxzide, Page 44, Jester, Breaking Ties, Fake Obsession, Reachback, Follow the Fallen, Everybody Looks Famous, The Callout, Deny the Lie, Shebrew, Crooked Dawn, Valous, The Ki, Aesthetics, Aquila, Minimum, That Cavalier Attitude, The Concept, Bury the Ladybird, O.W.L.S, Zodiac n Black, Black Russian, Sevendaze, Insolito, Nightblade, The Sinful Digital, We Were Ghosts, The Grades, Shadow City, Stubblemelt, Thin Vision, From the Get Go, Open to Fire, Illicit Disco, Kill the Romantic, Fight the Dice, Fury, Hurtseason, Steeltrooper, Silent Resistance, Hostile, Captain Horizon, Point Blank Fury, Zombie xtras, Chemikill, The Regulars, Different Class, Dale Von Minaker Band, JD and the FDCS, Lipshock, Synopsis, Lightfire, Suture, Buried from Below, Arrows, Red Method, Someone Else, Fake Obsession, Lexicomane!, Enemo J, The Making, The Monicas, Jump the Shark, Greenwood Park, Reluctant Heroes, Kanada, The Carpet Cut outs, My Preserver, Black Star Bullet, Only the Good, Wraith, Resin, Evolution of Man, Only Route Out, Glassguns, Questions of Angels, Pint shot Riot, Delta Rhythm, Million Empire, Forever Tonight, Getaway Club, Tiger Lilly, State of Mind, The Kingcrawlers, Therapy? Ben Folds Five, Bitter Ruin, Hawk Eyes, LaFaro, She Screams Murder, Structures, The Sacred Sun, Moody Bomber, Jacobi, The Arkhamists, Bad Apes, Conduit, Effigy and Fragments.