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28th May 2012 by Emma Scott

Wow! Could things get any busier in the Emma Scott Presents camp? Not really, but I’m getting ready to launch the gigs into new venues very soon – so watch this space! All will be revealed soon.

May was a great month for the gigs – with 3 jam-packed gigs that were an absolute pleasure to be part of*.  Thanks to each band for playing, but especially to:

Bury The Ladybird for stepping up to headline with a weeks” notice after another band pulled out at the last minute. Great fun backstage too.

O.W.L.S – for blowing everyone away, for being amazing, spunky, noisy, raw -  and entertaining backstage.  Such gents. Love you, fellas! Well done on the e.p. release!  Spiffing;-)

Zodiac N Black – for dropping everything and playing for us with a few days’ notice – and for being great at the gig too. Thanks for the T Shirts too!

Sevendaze – For taking on the Academy 2 venue upgrade in their stride.  They loved the fact that they could hear Black Sabbath through the walls though and Sharon Osbourne was in the loading bay;-) Great work boys!

The Grades – for also taking the headline position with just a few days notice. They brought so many friends and fans to the gig, it was rammed. We got great video footage of the audience going mental! Love it.

* – Mostly – Non-thanks to the 4 bands who pulled out and mucked everyone about;-)

Looking ahead to 3 MASSIVE gigs in June with headliners: Hostile, Fury and From the Get Go.  Looking forward to those – and some great supports too – so let’s have an even bigger month in June!

Your support is needed for each and every gig, so we hope to see you at one of them soon!




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