Gig Terms

Playing an Emma Scott Presents gig will really get your name out there and help your band move forward! We love watching the bands grow from the experience.

You will gain fans, radio play, press and be exposed to thousands of people during the build-up to your gig.  We only use the best venues and always have professional photographers at our gigs and often journalists from Midlands music websites are there to interview the bands too. We always have a full guest list of media and bands will be reviewed, snapped, interviewed and treated well.

Please play fair and follow the following guidelines:

If you are booked to play an Emma Scott Presents gig, you must avoid other West Midlands gigs AT LEAST 2 weeks either side of the Emma Scott Presents gig you are playing.  If you are found to be playing other gigs in the same area in that time, you will be taken off the gig and removed from the promotional material.

We expect bands from the West Midlands* to take an allocation of 30 tickets and attempt to sell as many as possible.  You will earn a cut from each ticket of course.  We use a “fair pay” scheme for Emma Scott Presents.  We don’t use the “pay to play” system that other promoters and venues use.

Each band is expected to contribute to the costs of the night and be part of the promotion of the gig. At this level, we all have to work together to bring people through the doors.

We ask you to promote the gig on your social media band sites regularly and upload the flyer for the gig too. We ask you to join the event page on Facebook and invite your friends and fans too.

You will be given your load in, sound check and stage times ahead of the gig. If you miss your allocated slots, you may not be able to play the gig.  Any band arriving after doors have opened will NOT be allowed to play the gig and will be responsible for any tickets you have had in advance.

Remember, you are entering into a contract between promoter and band.  This must not be taken lightly.  If you need to cancel the gig, you MUST inform us as a matter of urgency.  You will then be asked to return your ticket allocation and organise your own ticket refunds.

Emma Scott Presents is a business and we expect you to run your band as a business too.  We work together to make the gig a success.

*We accept bands from all over the UK and will try to add them to a strong local bill wherever possible. We pay £2.00 for each person that comes to see you (via a door tally)  We don’t expect out of town bands to take a ticket allocation, but they are more than welcome to do so, if they want to organise a coach trip for example and bring their home-town fans with them!

Any questions? Just ask via the contact form.