Jester/Aquila/Red Method : O2 Academy 3, Birmingham.

9th November 2011 by admin

In the latest offering of new rock promoted by Emma Scott, we had wide age range of acts, which were all united in the cause of hard riffs, pounding rhythm, and a desire to entertain.

Initiating proceedings were Red Method, a pubescent smorgasbord of playful, crunchy guitars, allied to a youthful innocence which engaged their burgeoning fanbase.

The beguiling charm of ‘Fix It’ seemed to show they were more than just here to make a racket.

However, they found their most exquisite groove when cranking up the volume; this was particularly evident on the ferocious ‘Right Back At You’.

At this early stage, it would be folly to pass judgement on whether this was the sound of the next generation, but there’s enough raw potential to suggest they will be rocking long past their adolescence

Following Red Method was Aquila, who possessed the most layered sound of the evening.

Sounding taut and tight, there was a suave, nonchalant air about their economical stage presence. A brooding demeanour which recalled post-Britpop rockers Mansun.

Tracks such as ‘Let Me Go’ and ‘Slave’ were choice cuts from their half-hour set, which was made superior for the fluctuation of tempo.

As a live band, work still needs to be done on the cosmetic appeal of their show, but in regard to musical substance it is hard to pick fault.

Rounding of the evenings jollity was Jester, complete with a devoted support, in particular a group of youngsters who were resplendent in Jester t-shirts.

Their repertoire of power-charged anthems seemed endless and was performed with such mendacity, laced with exultant melody.

The heady rush of ‘Pressure Point’ sounded like the Cooper Temple Clause at their peak.

In conclusion, Jester seem to have a complete live package that is primed for bigger venues and bigger audiences.

It’s a statement that wouldn’t make them baulk in the slightest, they seem to believe it with absolute certainty that they’re heading for the premier league.