Band Mentoring

So, you’ve read the book – “Break Your Band – A Guide to Getting Radio Airplay” or you’ve been to one of my music industry lectures – but you still have loads of things you’d like to know, and you’re desperate to ask!

Let’s get you some band mentoring then! This can been seen as a brainstorming, development and feedback session for bands at any stage of their music career.

You can use my experience in radio and the music industry to help you move forward with getting regular airplay, gigs and maybe even get signed. You will certainly move forward from where you are now!

On the session/s I will find out where you are with the band, and where you want to be – and give you tips on how to get there.

You can fire a load of questions at me via email, or Skype or phone once we’ve arranged a mutually suitable date and time.

I can give feedback on your website, Facebook, Myspace or your latest photos and press pack. If you’ve been approached by a label or management and you’re not quite sure what to do, then you can ask me about that too.

If you’re just about to release your first single or album, and want my opinion on the tracks or the artwork – I can do that too – from a radio presenters point of view.

If you’d rather I just listened to your music and gave feedback, then the “Demo Feedback” may be better for you.

These sessions can be held regularly with myself and my business partner. Maybe you want to know something urgently before you go into the recording studio, and then you’d like feedback on your recordings, I can do that. Even weekly or monthly sessions!

One session of band mentoring is £39.99. We can do discounts for block bookings.

I’m happy to give you my opinion and advice, so get in touch:-