October and November slots!

12th September 2012 by Emma Scott


It’s been a busy few weeks for us, but we’re looking to book up for the rest of the year as soon as possible.

This is what we have on offer at the moment. Please check the gig terms before applying for anything via the “contact” form.

Opening slot on Sunday October 21st at the O2 Academy 3 in Birmingham. This is an ideal slot of a younger band or a band who’ve never played for us before and want to prove themselves to us;-)

Saturday November 3rd, O2 Academy 3, Burmingham. We are looking for 3 – 4 support bands for our JD and the FDCS gig.  Check out the band and see if you’re suitable before applying.

2 support bands needed for our Pint Shot Riot gig at the O2 Academy 3, Birmingham on Saturday November 17th. Again, check out the band before applying.

Sunday December 2nd, Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton: support bands needed for  our My Great Affliction date.

As I mentioned, check the gig terms before applying and apply via the CONTACT form.  Give us as much information on your band as possible. Tell us which band you are most interested in.  If you are interested in all of them, then tell us.  It’s really important to sell your bands as much as you can as one-line applications are very lazy and won’t be considered.

“We want to play a gig for you” isn’t a good application email!!

There are plenty of free tips on the website – which may help increase your chances of getting a gig.

Good luck!