Get more people to your gigs!

8th October 2012 by Emma Scott

Bands ask us all the time for tips on getting people to their gigs, so here’s a few tips on the subject:

Once you have booked a gig:  Tell everyone!  Announce on all of your social media sites. If you’re enthusiastic about your gigs, other people will be!
Try and get some local press coverage.  Write a mini press release and send to your local newspaper. A lot of journalists would be very pleased to hear from you. They may even request an interview and write a big piece on you.  Send a photo too.
Set up a Facebook event and invite all your friends to it. (or look in the Emma Scott Presents Group page and invite via that, if you are playing for us!)
Add your gig to local gig listing sites: For example, in the Midlands, you can try Brum Live, Midlands Rocks, Ryans Gig Guide, Music, Born Music, Electric Banana etc.
Send your CD/MP3 to radio stations for airplay – make sure you include the gig dates in your press pack for the presenter to mention.
Upload the gig flyer to your website and Facebook page -  and if there are physical flyers – ask for some to hand out to help spread the word.
Don’t book other gigs in the same area 2 weeks either side of your gig.  This will affect ticket sales.  One gig per month in the same town is plenty! Ideally you should only play the same area 4 times a year to make each gig really special.
More likely than not, the venue or promoter will give you a ticket allocation to try and sell.  Try your best to shift these. If you do well you, WILL get booked again as you have made a great contribution to the costs of the gig.