Quick update!

4th November 2014 by Emma Scott

This year has flown by and we’ve seen so many great bands and artists play for us this year. Thanks to all of those!  We’re gonna take a small break from the gigs until 2015, but will be booking up for next year soon, so keep an eye on the site and make sure you join our mailing list to get updates before anyone else!

In the meantime, Emma Scott has just released her new book – “If It Was My Band” which was written for bands and musicians to help them climb the music industry ladder.  It has over 300 tips on various topics like “getting gigs”, “building a buzz” and “making music your full time job”.  Emma has received so many positive reviews so far for the book and you can find out more here:

Enjoy – and we’ll catch you on the other side:-)

Emma signing her book