Our last Break Your Band seminar was a great success! Everyone had a great day and picked up some really useful tips on getting radio airplay, getting gigs and getting ahead in the music industry.

The seminars are informal and interactive days, with some Powerpoint action, a lot of tips and advice,
and time to network with other bands and management.

You’ll see examples of a great Press Pack and a diabolical attempt at one! You’ll learn from other people’s mistakes throughout the course of the day as Emma recalls some bands she’s had the fortune and misfortune to meet throughout her radio years.

There will be a Q and A session too – these ones are great examples of the questions that will get answered:-

How do you get interviewed on the radio?
Is there a list of radio stations who will play new and unsigned bands?
Is it worth while being a member of PRS?
How do we approach venues for a gig?
What sort of tracks should we have on our Myspace page?
What information do promoters need to see on our emails to them?
How much does a plugger cost?
How much can we expect to get paid by PRS?
How can we get on tour with a major artist?
What tips do you have for promoting our gigs?
Which format should we use when sending in material to radio stations?
We do well with our support slots, but how do we get a headline slot?
What makes a song radio friendly?
How does a radio station playlist work?
How do new and unsigned bands get daytime radio airplay?
When a band gets a record deal, how much money do they usually get?
Should we get paid for radio airplay?
How do we get on festival line ups?
Does a DJ actually have any choice in the songs they play?
Do DJ’s really get hundreds of CD’s a week?
How do bands get played on bigger radio stations?
What do promoters look for when booking bands?
What are the best Social Networking sites?
Is it normal to pay someone to manage you?
How can we capitalize financially on gigs?
How do bands get gigs out of their local area?
How do bands get sponsorship for consumables and endorsement deals?
Is it more important to get a record deal or publishing deal?
How can we get a booking agent?

These questions – and more will be answered in the next Break Your Band Seminar - the next one will be announced soon.

Will we fit everything in?

Any questions? Email via the contact form!