Why don’t you ever get rebooked for gigs?

5th June 2012 by Emma Scott
Once you have found a venue and a promoter you like working with, it makes sense to carry on gigging there and working with that promoter. Do you find you’re not getting asked to play again though?
I’ll run through a few of the reasons we don’t rebook bands for a follow-up gig – and hopefully this will help you in the future.

Some may seem quite petty, but others can have serious consequences, so here goes:

Time-keeping – you have a load in and sound check time for a reason. Stick to them. There’s nothing worse than waiting for a drum kit and drummer from the headlining band for hours. It means everyone misses their sound checks and that’s not fair on them.
Responding to emails – if a promoter emails you about the gig, you MUST reply. Communication is so important between all the bands and the promoter, so don’t be slack!
Pulling out of a gig – unless something serious has happened, you should never pull out of a gig. It puts promoters off booking you again in the future.
Bad attitude on gig day – You’re all on the same level at unsigned band nights. Speak to everyone at the gig with respect, especially the sound-person and other bands on the bill – or you’ll create bad vibes.
You bring your ticket allocation back – intact. Promoters and venues give you tickets to sell because they need everyone on the bill to try and get as many people at the gig as possible. They need to cover their costs of hiring the venue, so every person you can bring is helping them keep their business going and their venue open.  The more bums on seats, the more gigs you’ll get.
Breaking contracts/rules – If a promoter asks you to avoid other local shows at least 2 weeks before and after their gig with you, you need to do this. They will find out if you’re over-playing in the same area and you may get pulled from the line up, and not get another chance.
Dangerous or illegal activity – You may think stage diving and crowd surfing rocks, but most venues ban it and remove  people who participate. This includes members of bands. Fly-posting is illegal and you will be reported if found to be sticking posters up. This will result in a fine and not getting rebooked.
Remember, it’s hard enough getting decent gigs with decent promoters (who care) so don’t blow it! Build a relationship with your favourite promoters and venues and you’ll not have to play the toilets again!
Good luck!




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