Why aren’t your band getting radio airplay?

31st May 2012 by Emma Scott

Bands fail to pick up the radio airplay they deserve because they make mistakes that are easily sorted – if they know how. Some bands and artists simply don’t know who to approach at radio stations and what to say to a presenter when they find one that plays unsigned music.

It’s not hard, I promise!

I wrote my first book on getting radio airplay last year and I’ve been surprised at the amazing feedback it has received.  The whole idea: To help the many bands who contact me on a daily basis asking questions on the subject.

Even the radio presenters I’ve sent it to, agree – it’s a fine read – does exactly what it says on the cover!

Whilst I’m busy writing a more in-depth follow-up on getting radio airplay, you can pick up the Guide to Getting Radio Airplay book half price (for a limited time only) in my shop! and you can download it from here and also buy at full price from Amazon.

Find out which stations will play independent music, how to contact them, how to put your press pack together, which tracks to send, how to handle radio interviews, how to earn money out of radio airplay – and more!

After nearly 25 years in radio, I’ve picked up a few gems of knowledge along the way and have seen some awful attempts from bands and musicians when they send their material into stations. Avoid making the same mistakes as they did. Get played on local, regional,  national and international radio – the first time you send your music out. It’s easy, really;-)

Anyway, I’d better get back to writing the new book;-) Good luck!



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