July 5th 2013, Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton

29th April 2013 by Emma Scott


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9th February 2013 | O2 Academy 3 | Birmingham

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Q and A with My Great Affliction

28th November 2012 by Emma Scott


My Great Affliction are back! We had a quick chat to Craig and Ste from the band!


Q. So, let’s have the brief history of the band:

Craig: A. MGA started several years ago and now having gone through several line up changes we have two original members left Daz on bass and Craig on drums, now our current (back to a 3 piece) line up, we have an awesome guy called Ste doing the job of three people, and may I say its sounding as big as ever!

Ste:  A. Well, I can’t give you the old A-Z but apparently from way back when dinosaurs walked the Earth, Dazilla and Craig have been in bands together. Then there were 5 guys who formed the band My Great Affliction. They recorded an EP, wo of those guys left and they got in two more, recorded an EP and played some shows, I think they may have even opened the second stage of Download in 2010, then those two guys left around the same time as the singer. Thats when I joined, and I get to play my first gig with them on the 2nd December at the Slade rooms for Emma Scott!

Q. Do any of the band members have any weird habits?

Craig: A. Yeah we all play for MGA!
Ste: A. Well I can’t speak for everyone else, as I haven’t really noticed any, but I have the habit of pointing out when women are wearing shiny clothes… and I probably stare a little… I have a bit of a problem… my friends call me a Magpie…!

Q. What are your plans for the future?

Craig: A. Me personally I would like do do an album by this time next year, one to be really proud of
Ste: A. I tend to live day to day, not really thinking that far ahead, however I’d like to make playing in a band my full time occupation, travel the world off of it and see where it might take me.

Q. What is the best gig you’ve ever played?

Craig: A. Gotta be the big name drop, Download Festival 2010.
Ste: A. With my previous band I played my high school in front of a bunch of school kids, it felt good to be able to inspire young minds, and they were probably some of the most responsive people I’d played to. I’d go as far as to say the atmosphere was among the best I’d encountered at that level.

Q. If you could play with any one in the world, alive or dead for one night only, who would it be?

Craig: A. Any of the Suicide Girls! Gotta be Motley Crue for me.
Ste: A. Considering I have Led Zeppelin tattooed on my wrists and leg, I’d be remiss to neglect to mention Jimmy Page. Strutting around with Robert Plant belting out a tune would be pretty spectacular too.


Check out their website and catch them live soon!


2nd December 2012 | Slade Rooms | Wolverhampton

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Saturday March 31st | O2 Academy 3 | Birmingham

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