Get more radio airplay

17th April 2012 by Emma Scott

I’ve just spent the past 15 minutes listening to a track from a band who sent me an MP3 and I liked it, BUT I won’t be playing it on the radio.  Why? Because I have no idea who they are.

This is so common and so frustrating!  I’ve now had to email the band back to ask their name, and after that I’ll try and squeeze them on the show – but normally I wouldn’t bother.  I don’t have time to chase for vital information:

Band name

Song title

Release date – if applicable

Small biog on the band

Quick tip – if you’re sending emails about your band, get a band email – or if it’s being sent from your personal email account, PUT YOUR BANDS NAME ON THE EMAIL SOMEWHERE.  DJ’s aren’t mind-readers!

Rant over.

Good luck!

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