Q and A with The Arkhamists

28th November 2012 by Emma Scott


The Arkhamists play live for us on Dec 9th at The Flapper in Birmingham. We caught up with them for a quick natter!


Q. So, what’s the brief history of the band.

A. We were poor little mountain kids from the hilliest vale of Walsall, who happened to attend school together. We grew with guitars attached to our arms and drum sticks attached to our arms. After seeing many medical specialists, it seemed necessary to form a band together. This proved to be the best form of therapy for the 3 brothers that we claim to be.

Q. Do any of the band members have any weird habits?

A. We often have to sleep together because we’re too poor to buy our own beds. Joe puts mayonnaise on everything, even where ketchup would be applicable. Baden never wears underwear. Dan can breathe underwater.

Q. What are your plans for the future?

A. Joe would like to become peace envoy for the middle east whilst maintaining his hectic ballet schedule. Dan wants to open a successful cotton mill in the Welsh desert. Baden would like ice cream. As a band, we might do some songs.

Q. Any upcoming releases?

A. We have our first 13 track studio album out already called ‘Eject the Reject’, as well as a NEW NEW single coming out early next year with MAS records. It’ll be alright.

Q. What is the best gig you’ve ever played?

A. Emma Scott Presents on the 9th WILL BE THE BEST GIG EVER. Apart from that the one we did in the backstreets of Warsaw at the Wharf. It was well good and people had an alright time. We were all plastered and jumped.

Q. How about the worst?

A. When our set got cut down to 2 songs in Worcester because we blew up the bass amp. Oops.

Q. If you could play with any one in the world, alive or dead for one night only, who would it be?

A. William Shatner. For reasons we don’t wish to discuss..

I absolutely LOVE this band! Let’s all jump around with them on December 9th! Tickets here!


Back at The Flapper!

4th November 2012 by Emma Scott


We’re very pleased to be back at The Flapper in Birmingham with an amazing line up too:

O.W.L.S headline for us on Sunday December 9th with support from:

Questions of Angels
The Arkhamists
THi kI
Bad Apes

Tickets are £6.00 and on sale via ticket web and the store.

It’s an over 18s show and starts at 6pm.  As it’s a Sunday, we’ll finish by 10pm.

The address for the venue is: Cambrian Wharf, Kingston Row, Birmingham, B1 2NU.  It’s near to the NIA.

Check out the O.W.L.S website here. The band features ex members of The Darkness and Stone Gods and the rhythm section of Graham Coxon‘s touring band.  They are the nicest chaps you will ever meet, so seeing them in this intimate venue is going to be amazing.  Tickets will go fast for this one, so don’t delay!


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9th December 2012 | The Flapper | Birmingham

26th October 2012 by admin

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