Friday update!

7th September 2012 by Emma Scott

It’s shaping up to be a big September for us as we have 4 gigs on, a total of 26 bands and 3 different venues – one of them is a new venue for us!

So: next up, it’s a bit of hardcore at the O2 Academy 3 in Birmingham. Lexicomane! play their third Emma Scott Presents gig and this time, they headline. They’re a young Midlands band to keep an eye out for. Lots of potential –  come and see for yourself on Saturday September 8th. Support comes from: Beyond Sevensigns, Insolito, Enemo J and Eaten by Wolves. Tickets will be available on the door.

Our next gig at The Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton on September 16th is headlining by Telford favourites, The Making. They’re over the moon that they’re headlining, and so are we;-) We’ll make sure we’re finished around 10.30pm to make sure everyone can get home at a decent hour, as it’s a “school night”  Support on this gig comes from Different Class, The Monicas and Jump the Shark. 

Now, our gig on September 23rd is something a little different: a new venue – The Roadhouse, Birmingham, and a mini festival vibe  - as we start at 4pm and finish at 10pm. We have 7 bands playing for us.  The evening is split into two parts. Kanada headline the first part and Greenwood Park headline the second.

Again, as it’s a Sunday, we’ll be finished by 10.30 and there are loads of public transport links at The Roadhouse. See you there. Emma Scott will be hosting this gig.  Also playing, we have Reluctant Heroes, That Cavalier Attitude, Thin Vision, Hashtag Alice and The Carpet Cutouts.

Our final gig of September on the 29th is a bit of class;-) Headlined by The Grades, who played a storming first gig for us a few months ago, with support from My Preserver, Black Star Bullet, Deltora and Drop Down Smiling.

My Preserver are making the long journey from London to play their second Emma Scott Presents night. They are on the CD on the cover of this months Rock Sound magazine and they’re absolutely amazing! Tickets will be available on the night, if you’re early.

As always, we have tickets in our store and some are on Buy One Get One Free deals – so have a look!

We hope to see you at a gig soon!

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Sunday 23rd September | The Roadhouse | Birmingham

22nd July 2012 by admin

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Gig application emails – the do’s and don’ts

6th July 2012 by Emma Scott
If you’ve applied for a gig but you didn’t get a reply from the promoter, it doesn’t mean they don’t like you – it may mean they don’t have anything suitable at the moment.  It may also mean that your application wasn’t very good.
Here are some really simple tips to make your application look really good – every time:
DON’T – Send a one line application email. “Give us a gig” just doesn’t cut it.
Do – send as much information about your band as possible.
DON’T – mess up your email address on web forms, and take care with any links you are sending. Always worth checking before pressing “send.”
DO – send regular applications. Most promoters and venues are inundated by emails every day.  If you send more than one email, it shows you’re keen.
DON’T send large MP3 attachments unless specifically asked.
DO – include your other gigs. Before booking you they would have to check your other live dates in that area – so it’s well worth adding your current gig dates to the email – to save them searching.
DON’T – send a cut and paste generic email. It’s always nice to send a personal email to each promoter.
DO – make sure you have a band diary, so you know which members arre available. If you get a gig offer, you can reply to the promoter as quickly as possible with a “yes please” or a “no thanks.”
These should get you started nicely. Remember, applying for a gig is like applying for a job. See this initial contact with a promoter as a chance to catch their eye and be the band they really want to book – rather than the band they want to “bin.”
Good luck.
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