The Whiskey Syndicate launch gig – April 15th

16th April 2012 by Emma Scott

What an amazing night everyone had last night at the In At The Eye Records launch of “The Right Side Of Crazy” for The Whiskey Syndicate in Wolverhampton.

The venue was rammed, the atmosphere was electric and the band were on fire.

The album was played from start to finish and it sounded huge at The Slade Rooms. The support bands, The Ki and Twisted Species warmed the audience up nicely for The Whiskey Syndicate who took to the stage for their hour-long set which lifted the roof off!

Emma Scott hosted the event and was ecstatic after their performance. She stormed the stage and congratulated the band on their amazing set, saying to the audience “You have just witnessed something special, Wolverhampton! The Whiskey Syndicate have just blown me away!”

Emma was obviously very proud of the band as she took to the stage with her 8 year old daughter still on her shoulders! Many of the Midlands heavyweights were in the audience to see The Whiskey Syndicate play: My Great Affliction, Crooked Dawn, Soley Mourning, From the Get Go, Everybody Looks Famous and Thieves to name but a few.

The press interviews came thick and fast, so look out for interviews with Midlands Music Scene, Born Music, Rock n Rose, Midlands Rocks, Midlands Music Maniacs, Express and Star, It’s Alive, Ryan’s Gig Guide and Soundcheck magazine.

The band release their first single – the title track from the album – on May 7th.  The album follows in June with worldwide distribution by Genepool/Universal Music Operations Ltd.

The Whiskey Syndicate are a massive live band and have played many times for Emma Scott Presents.  I’m sure after last night’s performance, they’ll be playing even more!

A tour will support the album release and the single “The Right Side of Crazy” will be on a radio set near you soon!

Enjoy the rock n roll fury!


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